The Meaning of Christmas Is Hope, According to Plan

Jesus was born to an unwed mother, and although she was engaged at the time, her fiancé was not the baby’s father. Like many of us, Jesus emerged from the womb into a messy situation of human uncertainty (baby daddy, baby mama drama). But while her pregnancy wasn’t the result of longterm human intentions, it was truly the result of God’s plan. In the same way, none of us were born–and none of our children are ever born– outside of God’s planning.

Despite Mary’s surprise at learning she would give birth to Jesus, God was not surprised. Despite her fiancé Joseph’s initial lack of enthusiasm, to say the least (he was going to dump her), God enthusiastically anticipated the birth of Christ our Messiah.

New life and new purpose is possible for all of us because of God’s gift.

Yes, Jesus is the reason for the Christmas season, just as all those bumper stickers say. And God’s great love for us is the reason for Easter. That means hope for everyone, according to plan.

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