We are moving, not to a new place

but to a new day and time, and to a new start.

Beginning November 5, we will gather for worship

every first Sunday of the month at 11 AM

at our regular meeting place, 416 N Sampson Ave in Dyersburg.

Come worship with us

and meet new members of our ministry team

and learn about how God is expanding our vision for the future.

Refreshments will be served.


This May Be a Season of Hate, But Love Always Wins

Hate may be stupidly persistent, but Love always wins.

Hate practices exclusivity, but Love’s inclusivity always wins.

Hate denigrates, but Love elevates—everyone.

Hate is self-righteous, but Love does not judge.

God is Love. Hate is evil.

To everyone in the whole wide world, Love sent us Jesus.

And anyone, everyone who believes in God’s Love is saved.

The Well of Dyersburg welcomes people of all races, all sexual identities, all ethnicities, all conditions, all abilities, all life stages, all income levels, all immigration or citizenship statuses. The Well of Dyersburg welcomes all.