Want to be a Chaplain? Start this October.

Enrolling in a unit of CPE is the first step toward becoming a Chaplain. Completing four units is the first step toward becoming a Certified Chaplain. As a corporate affiliate of ICPT.edu, The Well of Dyersburg offers CPE units in cohorts of three or more students. The accrediting agency is recognized by the U. S. Department of Education and the VA. See here.

What’s CPE?

CPE is Clinical Pastoral Education. It is professional education.

How does it work? How do students learn?

CPE utilizes students’ hands-on experience, along with plenty of required academic reading, writing (personal reflections), and discussion (both group discussions and one-on-one sessions with the CPE Supervisor/Educator).

What do students learn?

Students learn the most effective ways to provide spiritual care to vulnerable people in a variety of settings: hospitals, prisons, congregations, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and hospices are some examples.

Students learn ways in which they are vulnerable themselves and how that impacts their care to others.

Students learn the art of chaplaincy and how to provide spiritual care to people whose religious beliefs and life experiences may differ significantly from students own beliefs. Students also learn about working alongside other professionals with diverse backgrounds.

When is The Well of Dyersburg offering a CPE unit?

The next CPE unit will start October 25 with an additional mandatory orientation/introduction session on October 18 before the unit officially begins. To request a detailed schedule, go to the Contact page on this website.

Who teaches the units offered by The Well of Dyersburg?

The units are supervised by Rev. Dr. Carolyn Smith Goings who says that a CPE Supervisor/Educator should more appropriately be thought of as a mentor, facilitator, counselor, guide, moderator, adviser, confidant, and coach since her role is helping students develop authentically meaningful self-reflection as a method of continuous professional learning. CPE is all about practicing, reflecting, improving, and starting the cycle again of practicing, reflecting, improving. For information about Rev. Dr. Carolyn, go to the About page on this website.

Where can new students apply?

To register, complete a New Student Application here.  In the dropdown for the first question, be sure to pick the answer “The Well of Dyersburg” as your campus.

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