The Well of Dyersburg, a Christian mission, was first organized in 2015 with a primary focus on radical inclusion and on welcoming all people. Carolyn Smith Goings was the founder, aided by numerous others.

Rev. Dr. Carolyn Smith Goings is a Dyersburg, Tennessee native who has lived in fourteen of the forty-eight contiguous states, with most of her adult life spent in New England where she was ordained in 1982. She has pastored a number of congregations and counseled congregants and community members in several areas of the nation and has served as a chaplain on a college campus, in hospitals, prisons, and in hospice care, in addition to teaching college courses while living in Florida and also since returning to Dyersburg. Along with completing a Master of Divinity degree at the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Dr. Goings earned two degrees from Goddard College: a Bachelor’s in English and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. She also completed a Ph.D. degree from Antioch University in Organizational Leadership with a focus on race relations in Christian congregations. Dr. Goings is a Board Certified Chaplain and a Certified CPE Supervisor/Educator.

Since returning to her birthplace, Rev. Dr. Goings has continued working in chaplaincy, college teaching, preaching, writing, pastoring, and counseling.

Dr. Goings can receive calls at 731-325-9000 when not with clients or students. Messages can be left for her at that number, which she checks several times a day.  Dr. Goings can also be reached by submitting the Contact form on this website. Expect to receive a response within 24 hours of submitting your Contact form.