By a Young Guest Author

You Call It America; I Call It Home
(Read This Poem Like a Rap Song. You Provide Your Own Rhythm. Enjoy.)

Yeah, I sing about it! America, my home!
‘Cause I was born here, and my father,
and my father’s father, too.

Yeah, I’ll stand up and sing,
America, my home!
Don’t want to roam.
Because they died here—my father and his father
and my grandfather’s father, too.

Why did they die? Don’t you know?
It was the pilgrim’s grisly pride,
And so, you know,
That’s why I shout about it
from every mountainside:
Let Freedom Ring!

Let it Ring, Let it Ring, Let it Ring

My native country, Yeah!
Above the bloodied rocks and rills,
Above the blood-drenched woods and hills,
Let freedom ring until it’s all wrung out and won,
Not just for some. For everyone ! For everyone!
Are you new? It’s for you, too.

Let it Ring, Let it Ring, Let it Ring

To my father’s God,
Yeah, I’ll stand and sing,
hand over heart; And here’s the thing, I pray:
Protect and bless those down on one bended knee
Who show their grief and pride, really, just the same as me,
But in their own way, their own way!
Oh Happy Day!

Author of Liberty,
Guard our Individuality,
Increase our devotion to the holy cause for which
Our fathers took a notion, to fight and do right.
This is no lie: To make the whole world free or die
They made us free—to stand up or get down
on one bended knee.

And to the new ones, come: You be a Love bloom!
Grow to love my native land just like I do, and
wherever you are from, you’re going to bloom, bloom
Once you’re planted here, you’re going to bloom, bloom.
Just call it Home. Don’t want to roam.

My fathers did not die in vain!
We keep on keeping on; we make it plain!
No savage coward hooded knight can block out
Freedom’s holy light—it’s not for some alone!
What an evil situation
By your might, O Holy God,
Make us one united nation.

Let it forever ring , America our home!
Let it Ring! Let it Ring! Let it Ring!
Not just for some! Not just for some!
Let it Ring! Let it Ring! Let it Ring!
For Everyone
Let it Ring, Yeah!

[Submitted on 2/11/2019 by a new teenage author who wishes to remain anonymous]


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