There Is Room for Everyone

Jesus Christ is Central

Jesus Christ is the center of my faith. Because of Jesus, my connection with the Creator is unbreakable, and I have the Holy Spirit in my life to guide me. Although Jesus was and is fully divine—that is, was and is part of the Trinity (the three-person Creator), he became fully human to be with us and to share with us. He was born and lived among people, grew up in a family, learned a trade, went to Temple and learned the Torah. He taught, and he performed many healings and other miracles. Despite his innocence, he willingly died like a criminal on our behalf. He rose to life again to advocate for all of us forever.


Following Jesus’ example, I affirm the dignity and worth of all people and declare discrimination of any kind incompatible with the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

I affirm that anyone willing to share in ministry, fellowship, study, worship, sacraments, blessings, and justice responsibilities is invited to do so.

Jesus turned away no one. There is room for everyone at Christ’s table.

Listening and Learning

I believe in listening to God in prayer, in group and personal scripture study, and in carefully prepared messages that help me apply God’s word to contemporary life.

Questions are welcome. Questions are a valuable part of our spiritual development.

Questions are also a part of our connection with the community. There are many problems in our world. I invite intentionality in learning about issues that impact our community and world through questions, study, dialogue, and prayer.


The Well of Dyersburg is a place where faith can be acted out in various ways that reflect belief in the transformative love of God through Jesus Christ and God’s grace, which is unearned mercy for all.

Jesus calls all Christians everywhere to advocate for the poor and the oppressed, to speak out against hatred, greed, and ignorance, including our own, while prayerfully seeking opportunities to grow and serve.


The Well of Dyersburg encourages service to God by modeling unconditional love,  practicing reconciliation, and extending acceptance and hope to all people.