Recommended Readings for Such a Time as This

In 2012, a book written by Allan Boesak and Curtiss Paul DeYoung was published which puts to rest the notion that Christ-like reconciliation can be accomplished without sacrifice of power. The work, which has a foreword by Desmond Tutu, is titled Radical Reconciliation: Beyond Political Pietism and Christian Quietism. Rev. Dr. Boesak is a professor at the Christian Theological Seminary and was an anti-apartheid activist in his homeland, South Africa. The co-author, Rev. DeYoung, is a civil rights activist in Chicago, now heading the faith-based organization Community Renewal Society (CRS). These authors, one Black and one White, joined together to challenge readers to understand that true racial reconciliation cannot be achieved without working together to undo systematic injustices.

In 2010, a book written by Dr. Elizabeth Anderson was published which provides a compelling analysis of the connection between racial segregation and social inequality and the necessity for racial integration as a justice issue. This book, titled The Imperative of Integration was one that I read during my PhD studies. I was most interested in it because it supports my argument that it is critical that the Church take a proactive leading role in normalizing racial integration, something which we cannot do while worshipping in racially separate congregations. A most helpful part of this book is the chapter titled “The Folly and Incoherence of Colorblindness” which makes important points more of us need to understand as we work earnestly to connect meaningfully with each other.

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Blessings! Happy Reading!

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:6