Speaking of Women’s History…

Yes, we need to celebrate women and lift up their historic struggles. But we must not do that without looking squarely in the face of the whole historicity of all the struggles of all women in America.

So, while celebrating women’s suffrage and the history of that fight for the vote which was finally obtained in 1920, let’s please note that it was White women who got the vote, not All women.

Native American women weren’t allowed to be citizens until 1924.

African Americans (men and women) fought to get the vote well into the middle of the century. In fact, the fight continues here, now, where people of color are concentrated.

As Dr. Laura Morgan Roberts, professor of management at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, pointed out in a recent Harvard Business Review, women of color at work represent only 4% of the highest ranking positions, despite their training, degrees, experience, and ability to perform. (Click here to read that article.)

Let’s observe victories, keep the truth before us, and work hard to accomplish even more. We’re in this together.

My First Great Grandchild!

Welcome to the world, sweet William III

Well Worth the Read

A sixteen-year-old confessed to murdering his mother, a crime he didn’t commit. After twenty years in prison and even more time, his innocence was proven.  Now he’s a marathoner. Here’s the link to his story, which is well worth the read: