About Us

Rev. Dr. Carolyn Smith Goings is a Dyersburg native and has been in ministry since being ordained in 1982. In addition to pastoring, Dr. Goings has served as a chaplain in hospitals, a prison, and in hospice care. Along with completing a Master of Divinity at the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Pastor Carolyn earned both an undergraduate degree in English and a MFA in Writing from Goddard College as well as a PhD in Organizational Leadership from Antioch University, with a focus on racial integration in Christian congregations. Carolyn has four children and five grandchildren.

Diane Owen Mallard has generously volunteered innumerable hours with much energy and enthusiasm since the inception of The Well of Dyersburg, handling much of the paperwork and finance details. Diane graduated from Middle Tennessee State University and lives in Dyersburg with her husband, William. They have five children and eleven grandchildren.

Teresa Bryan has realized that God is asking her to consider the ordained ministry. She earned an associate’s degree from Iowa Central Community College, and is completing an undergraduate degree in Human Services at East Tennessee State University. Teresa is in the process of discerning where God may lead her after finishing that chapter. She lives in Dyersburg with her husband, Jonathan, and their four children, all of whom are excited about her participation in the ministry of The Well and where that might lead. The Bryan family enjoys caring for their four rescued dogs.

Special Thanks to Rev. Alfred J Roundtree who steadfastly shared his significant talents at our Saturday gatherings since The Well began despite Sunday morning duties at his church in Walton Grove where he is the pastor. As our worship gatherings move to Sundays also, we will greatly miss his presence. Alfred and his wife, Brandi, live in Dyersburg and have two sons.

Thanks also to Rev. Byron Forester, Rev. Dr. Stan Wood, Rev. Annetta Camp, Ms. Lucéanne Overall, and to congregations —local and in other states— whose prayers and input have blessed this unique church start-up. We are so thankful for their continued encouragement.

We gratefully acknowledge Ken Webb of Dyersburg, the designer of our logo.