CPE Unit Starting Soon – Apply Now

Interested in discovering yourself and strengthening your skills through CPE? Apply now for a virtual unit of basic CPE starting soon.

Application and all supporting materials are due Saturday, August 27 with an application fee of $75. You will be informed of your acceptance no later than September 10. Your enrollment agreement and tuition payment of $1,235 will be due by September 21. If your church or another such third party will pay your tuition, an appropriately completed signed voucher may be accepted and tuition can be paid in divided portions over the course of the unit.

The first CPE unit group meeting will take place on October 3, 2022 at a time best suited for the entire group. Weekly one-on-one meetings with the unit supervisor are also required and set each week based on student-supervisor schedules. Those individual sessions start in the first week, October 3 – 8.

For more detailed information and for all application requirements and forms, contact unit supervisor, Dr. Carolyn Smith Goings, at the following email address: CarolynSmithGoings@gmail.com

Your application materials will include, among other things, a four-page reflective autobiography describing your pivotal life events and relationships. A well-written autobiography is an essential part of your application. You must also provide an updated résumé showing all your education, training, and work experience. Dr. Goings will provide a list of all other application requirements within twenty-four hours after receiving your email of intent to apply.

If you would like to talk with Dr. Goings, please indicate in your email several days and times when you are available between August 8 – 13 so that a telephone or Zoom appointment can be set up with you.

This CPE unit will accommodate both parish-based ministry, clinical-site ministry, or a combination of both. Regardless of which type of ministry engages you, regular accountability will be required. Rev. Dr. Goings will help you set up that requirement.

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