Q:   Is The Well of Dyersburg going to hold an Easter worship service this year?

  • No. Pastor Carolyn has a previous out-of-state obligation on this Easter Sunday.

Q:   After Easter, will The Well of Dyersburg meet at 11 AM on the first Sunday in  May?

  • We are currently discussing the best hour and best frequency of our worship gatherings for the remainder of this year. Please email us with your thoughts about this. We want to hear from you. We will post new information on this website.

Q:   Is a relocation in the works for The Well of Dyersburg?

  • We are considering new locations. Your donations will enhance our options and allow us to continue our ministry of celebrating God’s great love for all people.

Q:   Could I plan to have my same-gender marriage ceremony at The Well of Dyersburg?

  • Yes, you can. Email Pastor Carolyn with the dates you have in mind. Include all your contact information and the best times to reach you to discuss your wedding plans.

Q:   May I have a commemoration service at The Well for someone who died years ago?

  • Of course! Email Pastor Carolyn with your name and telephone numbers. She will call you as soon as possible.

Q:   Can’t you help with rent or food money? I called The Well but no one called me back!

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