Come & Hear TJ Malinoski on May 13 @ 5 PM

On Saturday, May 13, Rev. T. J. Malinoski will be the guest preacher at The Well of Dyersburg. His message will be based on 2 Corinthians 5:14-19, a passage which describes the desired unity in the body of Christ and the ministry of reconciliation to which Christ’s love calls us all. During his visit, TJ will also discuss his experience of being a racial minority member in an historically Black denomination, the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America (CPCA).

Rev. Malinoski, a White minister, is additionally an active member of an historically White denomination, the Cumberland Presbyterian Church (CPC), which parallels the CPCA in every way except race; in fact, both groups follow a jointly written constitution. These two denominations share a complex history of race relations that began in America during slavery. Critical conversation is now ongoing between the two denominations which may result in legal transformation of the groups into one united institution.

TJ is a graduate of Bethel University and the Memphis Theological Seminary. He has served congregations in Alabama and Tennessee before accepting his current position of Director of Evangelism and New Church Development in the CPC. Malinoski and his wife, Melissa, who is also an ordained minister, live in Memphis with their two children.

After the service, refreshments will be served and conversation will take place as we celebrate life together in Christ. Everyone is welcome!