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Upcoming Special Events


If you’re a student in grades 7 – 12 who knows God loves ALL people, show it! Come display your artistic talent illustrating God’s inclusive love. Sacred dance? Singing? Spoken Word poetry? Sketches, drawings,  painting? Performance on a musical instrument? You’re invited to remind us with your God-given talent just how great is God’s great love. March 11 at 5 PM. Pizza after. Registration required. Our registration form will be available here on February 26. Check back in a few days. Meanwhile, think about what you’d like to share and how you’d like to share it. Talk to your guardian or parents about it. Talk to your children about it! Spread the word! God loves you, whoever you are, whatever your age! Can’t wait to see whatcha got!


Jesus’ Last Supper was actually a Jewish Passover. Rahel Landrum of Jews for Jesus will re-create the traditional Passover service and explain how it foreshadowed Jesus’ death and resurrection in a presentation called “Christ in the Passover” at The Well of Dyersburg on Saturday, April 8th at 5:00 PM. Rahel Landrum will set a table with items traditionally used at the Passover meal and detail their spiritual significance. She will also explain the connection between the events of the first Passover in Egypt and the redemption that Jesus accomplished, as well as the deep bond between the ancient Passover feast and the Christian communion celebration today. Coffee & Conversation afterward. Y’all come!

Come, Let Us Worship Together Now

Heaven will be a place full of surprises—as we’ve all heard—because we’ll see people we didn’t expect to see in Heaven (and maybe they’ll be oh-so-surprised to see us there, too!).

So the story goes: Heaven will be surprisingly full (Matt. 8:11) and wonderfully diverse (Rev. 7:9). And we’ll all get along famously.

But it’s not like Free Will is going to be zapped from our brains or like we’ll have forgotten our former strife with other individuals, groups, or nations. No.

Fact is, those of us who make it there will have freely chosen to put on our spiritual big boy and big girl pants.

In The Message bible (Gal. 3:27), spiritual maturity is described as looking like we’re dressed up in clothes from our “adult faith wardrobe.

Wearing such an outfit in Heaven, we’ll be full of peace within ourselves and full of understanding and compassion for everyone. We’ll have a heavenly alliance with every person there—surprises and all.

We will be covered in a level of maturity in Christ—exhibited by our love for all others—which we will have yearned for and which we will have obtained only with the loving guidance of the Holy Spirit.

All dressed up in robes of maturity befitting Heaven. No one outshining anyone.

And we’ll all worship together, in the same place, all of us, from every tribe and language and people and nation. Hallelujah!

Shall we try on some heavenly attire now? Let us come worship together now, shall we pray? (Matt. 6:9-10, NCV) And may all the glory be to God!