Say Goodbye, Say Hello

It’s almost here: time for each of us to say goodbye to 2016 along with everything in it and time to say hello to 2017 with all the challenges and opportunities coming to us in the next twelve months.

On January 7, we at The Well of Dyersburg will welcome the new year and let go of the old one. We will acknowledge that our lives are always in God’s hands, and we will thank God for the gifts of joy, hope, and peace through Jesus because of Christ’s obedient sacrifice. We will share the Communion meal of remembrance on that afternoon. Baskets will be passed. As we give whatever we can to support the ministry, we will place a card in the basket, offering up two lists to God: on one side, a list of mistakes we made in 2016—things for which God has already forgiven us but which we need to release; on the other side of the card, we will list our prayers for 2017—the things we hope to learn, the amends we yearn to make, the ways in which we want to be God’s obedient children like our brother and saviour Jesus.

Join us. 5 PM. The Well of Dyersburg. Saturday, January 7, 2017. 416 N Sampson Ave in Dyersburg. Let’s get our lists ready. It’s time.