Community Communion


Rev. Dr. R. Stanley Wood, guest preacher

In celebration of the unity of the body of Christ, which encompasses Christians of all walks of life, The Well of Dyersburg, 416 N Sampson Ave in Dyersburg, will host a Communion Service on Saturday, October 22 at 5 PM for the entire Christian community. All churches, pastors, and Christians of all kind are invited to attend this special shared Communion focusing on Jesus Christ our Savior. Local pastors participating in this service will include Rev. Robert Davis, pastor of Dyersburg Church of God; Rev. Jerry Roberts, associate pastor at Dyersburg Church of God; Rev. Philip Tabler, pastor of Love & Truth Church of Dyersburg; Rev. Alfred Roundtree, associate pastor at The Well of Dyersburg and pastor of Walton Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America; Rev. Gary Meade, rector of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church of Dyersburg; and Rev. Dr. Carolyn Smith Goings, the founding pastor of The Well of Dyersburg. Guest preacher for this special Community Communion Service, Rev. Dr. R. Stanley Wood, is Memphis Theological Seminary’s Vice President of Academic Affairs and Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program. He is also senior pastor of Mt. Tabor Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America, Jackson, Tennessee. Refreshments will be served after the service.


Who is welcome at The Well?

Are ex-Convicts welcome? YES 

            Are Conservatives welcome? YES

 Are Employers welcome? YES     Are Politicians welcome? YES

                               Are Homeless people welcome? YES

Are Alcoholics and other Drug Addicts welcome? YES

   Are Single Parents welcome? YES           Are Liberals welcome?  YES

                                                       Are Unemployed people welcome? YES

                               Are LGBTQ people welcome? YES

                                                               Are elderly people welcome? YES    

Are college students welcome? YES

       Are Republicans welcome? YES

                 Are straight White males welcome? YES

Are folks with mental-physical-emotional challenges welcome? YES

                                               Are children welcome? YES

                                                                Are rich people welcome? YES    

                 Are all People of all Colors and Mixed Colors welcome? YES

         Are dishwashers and gourmet chefs welcome? YES

                                      Are rappers and square dancers welcome? YES 

      Are Police Officers welcome? YES      

                                                                Are Democrats welcome? YES

                            Are high school dropouts welcome? YES

              Are Undocumented Immigrants welcome? YES

                                                Are heterosexual couples welcome? YES

      Are Preachers, Teachers, Doubters, and Seekers welcome? YES

 You get the idea, don’t you? 

Is anyone NOT welcome?  YES! HATERS, you’re not welcome!      (Unless you’d like to become Lovers! In that case, Y’ALL COME)