Thanks! And Y’all Come Back Soon

Hey! This is a shout out of thanks to the many folks who came to hear our recent special guest speaker, Ervin Smith, discuss addiction recovery with God’s loving help. What a moving story of God’s grace and mercy. Praise God! It was so very sweet, too, having a nice crowd at The Well.

It was especially encouraging to see that so many of you who came wanted to hang out after the service to talk and talk. We felt it was an indication that the ministry of The Well is on the right track. Many asked if Ervin would be back to share more, especially about his day-to-day life of prayer-study-mentoring-meetings-prayer. Yes, he will! Possibly as soon as the end of July. We’ll let you know when his plans are firm.

So glad we had on hand that delicious coffee we’re already getting to be known for. Sometimes it’s Diane’s special blend. Sometimes it Pastor Carolyn’s flavored organic stuff. Those two are the primary coffee lovers on the team. Either way, umm! Good to the last drop, especially with organic sweet cream and raw sugar!

By the way, we are sorry it was a bit too warm in the sanctuary with those extra bodies! Clusters of people praying afterward generated some of the heat. But to be honest, we found out the next day that the main control for the A/C in the building had not been switched on for the season. So all Pastor Carolyn’s fiddling at the thermostat was doing nothing! Wish we’d had some of those old-fashioned church hand fans available then.

However, it’s been fixed. It’s very cool inside now. Promise! So, y’all come on back soon. No hand fans needed, but do bring your friends.




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