Sunrise Easter Morning

A Celebration of New Beginnings

7 AM,  Outdoors, Easter Sunday, March 27

  The Well of Dyersburg

      416 N Sampson Ave, Dyersburg TN

    Come & Celebrate (coffee served)

    Regular gatherings for worship

  each Saturday evening @ 7 PM, beginning April 2.

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Beginners Welcome!

Beginners are welcome at The Well of Dyersburg! All ages! All sizes! All shapes! All colors! All conditions! You’re likely to find some kind of beginner sitting right next to you during a worship service if you come for a visit.

Some of us are beginners at understanding (or believing) God isn’t mad at us but loves us more than we ever knew–beyond what we can imagine, despite poor choices we’ve made.

Some are new at praying or new at praising God, especially in public—beginners at trying it out.

My favorite beginners are folks who start coming to church to begin to do better at parenting–to ask God’s help at being more attentive and encouraging fathers or wiser mothers. That’s why I found my way back into God’s family years ago, and I did become a better mother, thank God. It was only later I realized God had much more planned for me, many more ways for me to learn and grow, and I’m still working at it. New mercies and new beginnings each morning!

Some are taking a beginner’s steps toward addiction recovery and finding solace being in community with people who are totally dependent on God and never want to recover from it.

I’m so glad God loves beginners!

Remember when God called Sarai to be a first-time mother? A beginner at such an advanced age! She was so old to be getting pregnant (even for bible times) that she simply could not believe it. She laughed at the idea of a dream she had long ago forsaken finally coming to fruition so late in her life. But it did! First God saw fit to change her name and her attitude before stimulating her old womb with that long-buried dream, preparing her for birthing something new.

God never gives up on dreams God stores inside us, despite our weakened or floundering faith, or even its total absence. But sometimes names and attitudes need to change.

Of course, God was a beginner, too–one with a glorious, unmatched imagination and boundless creativity. Genesis 1:1 says, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” It was something God had never done before!  Oh yes, I’ve heard the multiverse and parallel universe theories, but whatever it was that was created, it was God who created it, in that beginning, that first time, from that nothing.

All of us beginners are made in God’s image. We are not God, but God’s creative genius is breathed into us before God plants us in our mothers’ wombs. As God’s children, we inherit God’s creative streak. We can see from the innumerable human inventions all around us evidence of our inherited creativity. We humans can design and invent incredible things. Yet, as noted by Albert Einstein, one of the most brilliant of all humans, the so-called irrationality of ethnic hatred and racism is simply rationale for greed, and that is a problem the human race hasn’t created an invention to solve. Einstein, who had experienced such discrimination, recognized he would be complicit if he failed to speak out and do something about it. Aversion to differences of all sorts plagues us humans–God’s diverse children.

We at The Well of Dyersburg are praying for miraculous new beginnings of unconditional love. More than tacit diverse inclusion, and more than mere acceptance, as difficult as that is alone, we dare to humbly pray for explicit human demonstration of God’s amazing grace among us and between us.  Beginners welcome!